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The Phone Pharmacy Rx Discount From Med4Scrips provides savings in most cases of 10% - 80% off price, in Brand and Generic prescription.

Simply show this Digital Aplication card to any major pharmacy, open in the Code area, then ask for please put this Free Prescription Digital Card Information In Your Record and then give your Prescription To See How Much You start save! (10% - 85) Depend if is Original or Generic.

We have more than 20,000 FDA Prescription in the Network and Card is Accepted in over 60,000 Network Pharmacy.

The app works very good on prescriptions filled at pharmacies such as:

Walgreens Walmart CVS Costco Kroger Rite-Aid Sam’s Target Acme Pharmacy Genovese Drug K-Mart Pamida Pharmacy American Drug Stores Giant Eagle, Inc. Publix Pathmark Stores Arbor Drugs Giant Pharmacy Pharmacy Express Phar-Mor Assured Pharmacies Haggen Foods Price Cutter Pharm.

just to name a few....

We have ready provided our members with $100's of thousand$ in savings for the year, in some cases up to a 80% discount!

What Make Our Card Program different and separates us from others:

- $45 Card cost, FREE for you. We give away This Cards! The Best member experience. One card Can Be Used For All Family.

- Option to Use the Digital cards or Make an Mail Order to Receive The card by Mail (When you Install the Application, you can Make an Mail Postal Order and we send 2 Cards) YES! We Pay postage.

- A simple App that really work providing a very good discounts.

- A Very Good Pharmacy Locator, where you can find all the Pharmacy around you.

Note: This card is not an Insurance and can not be used in combination with Insurance.

If you have any question,

PLEASE send us an email.

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