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WHAT IS Physiotherapy?

I'd always had an interest in physiotherapy and psychology.

People who are suffering from movement disorders. They referred to Physiotherapy. The work of physiotherapist is to check and rehabilitate and helps in improving the condition of the people who are suffering from movement disorders. The study of anatomy, neuroscience involves physiotherapy studies. They study and get degree which helps in studying the conditions of patients who are suffering from physical disorders. The department of Physiotherapy deals in child’s problems. There are many programs which are developed for different people and children. In these programs a study of a person’s life is being monitored and proper counseling of the person or child is being given and proper medicine is being consumed by the person who is suffering from disease. Other functions of physiotherapists includes are they provide especial kind of exercise and body movements which helps in recovering the person from the disability.


**What is Physiotherapy?

**What are the functions of physiotherapy?

**How physiotherapist works

**What are responsibilities of physiotherapist?

**What are the exercise which are required for body movement?

** What is therapy apps?

** How therapy music works for a patient?

** Looking for therapy jobs.

** What are therapy tools.

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** NOTE –No information on these subjects therapy dog, therapy notes, therapy games.

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