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Practical Urology has been designed to allow quick reading of most urologic topics updated to the latest EAU and AUA guidelines. Flow-charts and tables with drug descriptions, dosages, and brand names aid in fast decision-making in emergencies, at the patient’s bedside, or during a routine office visit. Brand names may vary from country to country.

Topics include common pathologies considered part of Primary Care, such as mild urologic emergencies, benign prostatic hyperplasia, urinary tract infections, incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and male infertility. For Urologists, it is especially useful as a quick guide for managing emergencies (e.g. priapism, sepsis, Fournier’s gangrene), uncommon diseases (e.g. urogenital TBC, postsurgical chylous ascites, recurrent nocturnal erections), perioperative care (e.g. antithrombotic and antibiotic prophylaxis, electrolytic and metabolic alterations), urological oncology, etc. Other useful sections are those on normal lab values, drugs used in Urology, or the illustrated atlas of dermatological conditions of male genitals, including malignant and premalignant lesions and venereal diseases. The application also includes a chapter index and an index of abbreviations to make it easy to find the information in 2 or 3 screen touches.

Other functions are:

- Urology links: in-app browser access to several websites (e.g. calendars of urologic events, journals, validated questionnaires, prostate, bladder and kidney nomograms, free testosterone calculator and more).
- Room for notes: available in each section to add your own information.
- Voice notes: to record a conference or save your own voice notes.
- Suggestion pages: send your comments, corrections, or suggestions to improve the application. Send your favourite web links. We will include them in later updates.

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