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Finally! A pregnancy tracker with a brilliant design

  • Great design
  • Pregnancy advice
  • Track everything
  • Daily progress
  • Not much to grumble about

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"Track your bump"


There are many apps for pregnant women, but few look good or are actually useful. But we've finally found one! What's most striking about Pregnancy + is it's sleek and smart design. The graphics are crystal clear, and the apps is beautiful to use. It includes customization options, and lets you keep daily track of your lovely bump.


The best thing about this app is the design, which is sleek, neat, and beautiful. It includes many interesting tips that will help you make the most of each stage of your pregnancy, and you'll get to see pics of your baby's size, and follow its evolution. You will also find tips, activities, and useful information for your day to day life, and how to look after yourself.


Not much to grumble about.

Translated by Jayne Deacon

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by Cecília

Aug 28, 2015

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