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    About the application

    This Application contains questions and answers of Japanese National Examination for Physical therapists and Occupational therapists.
    You can study for the exam in the train and anytime you want to do it.
    You can obtain a high learning effect is also equipped with original commentary)*

    This application is made by Physical therapists and Occupational therapists for studying the exam much more effective and efficient.

    We keep supporting the students for studying Physical therapy and Occupational therapy very much !

    Using the application, You can do
    ◎ Try for past 5yers of exams which contain totally 1000 questions.
    ◎ Try for questions at random
    ◎ The whole problem with the original description
    ◎ Make questions set as the question you are good at or not good at.
    ◎ Chose each category of the questions.
    ◎ Check your result after having answered questions by graphic charts.
    ◎ Set up the passing mark as you like.

    You can set up exam question in many ways. It make your study much fun like playing game.
    You can obtain a high learning effect is also equipped with original commentary.
    You can chose the question you are good at or not good at using the makes your studying very effective.
    You can look at your result of exam in the graphic charts. Beautiful pictures and charts may be helpful for your studying.
    Exemption from responsibility

    We do not guarantee any informations of the application including the
    sentences, pictures, charts, legality and truth.

    The questions in this application is originally classified. It is not guaranteed about it’s exactness.
    All program, software, services, trademark, tradename and any other services supplied by Pokapoka Life care Co.Ltd and accompanied technologies for making this application belong to Pokapoka Life care Co.Ltd and cooperate operators. Any users must not invade it’s right

    When the problem happens because of your offense, you must be solve it as your responsibility and we excused from it in any reasons.

    The Copyright
    It is prohibited copying and reprinting of any contents of this application without permission.

    Copyright 2010-2011 Pokapoka Life care Co.Ltd.

    *Original commentary
    Makoto Saito
    IRA study group

    Hiroki Aoyama (Physical Therapist)
    Koichi Otsuka (Physical Therapist)
    Koji Takeoka (Physical Therapist)
    Yoshiki Fujita (Physical Therapist)
    Yurika Horikoshi (Physical Therapist)
    Kenji Moriyasu (Physical Therapist)

    Kazunari Daigo (Occupational Therapist)
    Akiko Kishiro (Occupational Therapist)
    Tomokazu Watanabe (Occupational Therapist)

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