Red Deer Hospice Society




    The Red Deer Hospice Society App, provides information regarding losing a loved one as well as compassionate care for our loved ones in their final days. This app offers a welcoming portal to ease the process of change that will help you and your loved ones in your time of need.

    For those who face a life threatening illness time takes on a new importance. The quality of that limited amount of time becomes paramount. Superior end-of-life care means the physical and emotional needs of the dying are sensitively met; pain is effectively managed, patients and their loved ones are well informed active decision makers and no one faces this journey alone.

    Hospice palliative care meets those needs by providing physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and practical support to both patients and their loved ones. Red Deer Hospice brings family members, friends, volunteers, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals together as a care-giving team so that residents can live their remaining days with dignity and in comfort.