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Rx Pal Family / Elder / Senior Care (Ads Free) is flexible and easy-to-use medicine, pill, medication reminder application to help multiple family members to remember to take their medications, vitamins, or birth control pills on time, keep track of their prescriptions, and manage their medication inventory. This medicine, pill, medication reminder application will help multiple patients to control their chronic diseases. Very helpful for elder / senior care.

• No Ads !
• NEW! Medication/Pill Refill Reminders
• Email your medication list to doctor
• Medication Dose Alarms for multiple patients are grouped by Time! This greatly reduces number of alarms!
• Dose Alarms can be turned On/Off for each Medication
• Find Lowest Prices for your Medications using GoodRx
• Family and personal medication dose schedules and reminders
• Log the pills you took
• Call your pharmacy to refill prescriptions
• Keep a list of your medications for your doctor
• As Needed (Not Scheduled) medications
• Pre-configured pill and drug information
• Simple and easy to use
• Reliable alarm function
• Low battery usage
• Set multiple daily alarms and doses
• Automatic refill reminders

SUPPORT EMAIL: rxpalhelp@gmail.com

Some features in detail:

- Scheduled Medication Doses Status Dashboard
Dashboard displays current status of all medication doses for a current day at a glance! Med doses are grouped around the most commonly used administration times: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner,and Bed. Pending med doses are marked Green. Past due doses are marked Red. Dashboard automatically shows meds for current time period.

- Streamlined Prescription Data Entry using Intelligent In-Built Formulary
Simply select a medication with best matching name, strength, form, dose and frequency specified in your prescription from the list of suggested medications and the app will set all required fields for you. Formulary contains 150 top brand/generic drugs and is regularly updated.

- Reliable Alarms/Alerts and Persistent Notifications
Alarms remind of scheduled doses. Efficient scheduling saves battery. Alarms are automatically rescheduled after restart. Notifications in the status bar visually remind of and identify scheduled medication doses. Users can select them to Take/Skip a dose. Notifications expire and will not carry over to the next day to prevent dangerous overdoses.

- Postpone Alarms and Notifications
Ability to snooze/postpone alarms and notifications by a selectable time period.

- Multiple Medication Forms/Types
Rx Pal Plus supports tracking medications using Tablets, Capsules, Puffs, and Units for Insulin Injections.

- Flexible Scheduling
Most commonly used dosing schedules such as Daily and Weekly are supported. Taking Medications As Needed(PRN) is supported and useful for pain medications. Meds can be set as Active or Inactive. This allows users to make certain meds inactive if its prescription has expired. Making medication Inactive stops alarms and notifications.

- Managing Prescriptions
RX Pal Plus records your RX number in order to help you track multiple prescriptions for different and same medications. The prescription expiration tracking is coming soon!

- Track Pharmacy Information
App allows to link Pharmacy contact information in your device to medications. If you need a refill or new prescription, tap on a Call button.

- Inventory and Refills Tracking, plus Medication Day Supply Calculations
App keeps track of the remaining quantity for each medication in the Tablet & Capsule form. Day Supply is calculated to give an early notice of how many days the current quantity of medication will last for. The app also tracks the number of refills remaining.

- Medication History/Logs
App tracks and records date/time of doses you take or skip.

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