Safety Topics for NICU Baby



NICU Knowledge Safety Topics is a group of lessons within NICU Knowledge that advises parents of NICU babies about common topics relating to Safety of their baby while at home. These lessons are not intended to substitute for the instructions given to you by your doctors and nurses but are intended only to discuss some of the basic topics relating to Safety Topics at home. These are part of the 'Going Home' section of NICU Knowledge.

This group of lessons, called Safety Topics, includes the following topics:
* Car Seat Safety
* Car Seat Challenge
* Shaken Baby
* Preparing Your Home
* When You Smoke Your Baby Smokes
* Quit Smoking:
* Why Quit Using Tobacco Products
* A 5-Day Plan to Get Ready
* Five Keys to Quitting
* Aids to Quitting
* Other Ways to Quit
* Tips After Quitting

When you purchase and install this group of lessons you are receiving a license for personal use of this copyrighted material and the use of this material is not permitted for institutional use under this license. Therefore, the viewing of any one lesson is limited to five viewings. Additional viewings require the purchase of another license.

NICU Knowledge has been created to help hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) and Special Care Nurseries educate the parents of NICU and premature babies about the NICU, their role in caring for their baby and the important things they must know before they can take their baby home. The Full & Complete NICU Knowledge may be purchased from within this APP.

Importantly, the lessons in NICU Knowledge help parents complete required topics on the Hospital's Discharge Education Checklist, so that the baby can be discharged from the NICU when the baby is ready. The progress of discharge education is reported to the hospital to help the staff prepare the baby and parents for discharge home,

In NICU Knowledge, short videos and lessons in both English and Spanish help answer parent questions and ease their concerns about the NICU and their baby. All lessons are narrated and presented at a 5th grade reading level for easy understanding. Even parents who have difficulty reading can follow the lessons and those parents with difficulty seeing or hearing can learn. All lessons are richly illustrated and paced for more comprehensive learning.

NICU Knowledge keeps track of where the parents are in learning the lessons and places 'checkmarks' on completed lessons. This helps parents view a few lessons at a time and be able to resume learning when they return. A list of assigned or 'Essential' lessons based on the Discharge Education Checklist is shown each parent at sign in that lists all remaining lessons to be done and takes parents directly to those lessons.

Patient Education Programs, the developer of NICU Knowledge, will create a Custom APP for any hospital NICU. This APP will provide parents with specific information, videos and links about that hospital's NICU as well as offering the NICU Knowledge library of topics. Many hospitals carry this program into their NICU using special touch screen computers on wheels or hand held tablet computers.

For more information about NICU Knowledge and how your hospital can participate, please call Patient Education Programs at 800-232-3151 or email

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