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The system of monitoring physiological signals takes advantage of advances in information and communication technology to acquire, process and visualize physiologic information of people in their day to day. The system measured heart rate, the level of physical activity, body temperature, the temperature of the environment, the maximum volume of oxygen and estimated energy expenditure during every day through a mobile phone. It offers applications of direct use to the user of each physiological variable and its historic. It is suitable for non-communicable disease prevention, control and balance feed, control of physical activity, primary care, among other applications.
The system that allows the “Control of your health in your hands” was developed between the University of Sao Paulo and the Research Technological Center of the University of Mogi das Cruzes (SP, Brazil). This product called FLEEM (Free Living Energy Expenditure Monitoring System®) has been clinically validated and made available to commercial from 2013. Their results have been presented at prestigious international congresses in the area of telemedicine, biomedical engineering, obesity and Feria Hospitalar 2012, SP, BRAZIL. In September 2010 it received international recognition in the 15th Symposium Treatment of Signs, Images and Artificial Vision, realized in Bogotá, Colombia; organized by the IEEE.
FLEEM can monitor energy expenditure 24h/day, 7day/week with a device that combines technology, comfort and reliability. The sensors are noninvasive, low power consumption and high sensitivity. The information is pre-processed on a mobile device and centralized on a server that does the monitoring and accompaniment for each user, allowing that data always travels with the user. Different means are used to transmit information of evaluations (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GSM), which ensures connectivity and extends coverage. Physiological data are processed in a telemedicine centre and accompanied by a specialized team. The monitoring of the system is non-invasive, non-intrusive, 24 x 7.

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