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Designed for veterinarians (vets) as well as veterinary students, nurses and technicians. Vet Calculator provides a quick and easy way to do many calculations performed in veterinary practice.

Upgrade to Vet Calculator Plus for 20+ calculators and many more features including an CRI (with 32 drugs), emergency drug calculator (with 16 drugs), 10 & 15 drop/ml giving sets and customizable calculators.

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+ Fluids rates (including drip rates and volume deficit corrections)
+ Energy requirements
+ Anesthetic flow rates
+ Drug dosages
+ Body surface area
+ Blood volume for transfusions
+ Blood volume for phlebotomy
+ Constant Rate Infusions (CRIs)
+ Pain Score (Glasgow CMPS-SF) for dogs
+ Temperatures (including normal ranges)
+ Weights
+ Volumes
+ SI <> Conventional units

Languages available: English, French, German

App supports App2SD

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