What is Fibromyalgia



Living with chronic widespread pain can be tough. But the more you learn, the better you will feel. There is hope for people with this kind of pain, which may be diagnosed as a condition called fibromyalgia.

Knowing the facts can put you on the road to better health. This app will help give you a place to start. It is also crucial that you see a healthcare professional. Talk about how you feel. He or she can help you understand and manage your pain.

In this app you will learn about:

• What is fibromyalgia?
• Symptoms
• Diagnosis
• Risk factors
• Treatment
• Prevalence
• Causes
• Prognosis

This app contains:

• News and information on fibromyalgia
• Social networking support
• Informational videos

If you suspect you may have fibromyalgia or know someone who is suffering from this painful condition, install this FREE app to learn more about dealing with this condition and getting the right treatment.

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