You'll have a futuristic and interactive experience with BRIOLink and celeBrio(TM)

Can you imagine? Within the pages of celeBrio(tm) is a whole new world of digitally interactive information. Using pictorial recognition the green play button is the key to unlocking "embedded" information that virtually leaps off the page and into your device. As soon as BRIOLink downloads you're ready to try it out.

There are so many ways to play with this app and we'll teach them to you in the pages of celeBrio(tm). If you don't have celeBrio(tm) go to and click "try it out".

How to use it:

1. Open your celeBrio(TM) Magazine and look for the green play button.

2. Hold the screen over the image and tap it.- REMEMBER to fill the viewfinder with the image.

3. KEEP the device over the image until it fully loads - past the spinning load thingy. (smile)

4 .Interactive media will fill the screen. The buttons will link you to other media, websites or more.

PLAY PLAY PLAY - You'll enjoy the expanded information in the pages of celeBrio using the BRIOLink app.

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We use Aurasma augmented reality to power our app.
**celeBrio(tm) will be available for franchise in 2015

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