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Collection of favorite domestic cartoons.
All the masterpieces of Soviet, Ukrainian, Russian and Armenian animation studios. In our application, you can download and watch all your favorite cartoons. The application is designed for a broad audience.

Depending on your device resolution, you can download the video in low (LQ) or high (HQ) quality.

Currently available for 300 cartoons.

Right now you can buy the following cartoons:

Alice in Wonderland. 3.1 Series
Alice through the looking glass. 4.1 Series
Come back Kapitoshka!
Dr. Aibolit. 1.7 Series
If the stars fall
Hedgehog and a girl
Once upon a thought
Hare and Hedgehog
Zolotorogy deer
Ivanko and Crow King
Play my horn
Like a sparrow searching for the mind (Nesmyshleny Sparrow)
Like the hedgehog and the bear celebrated the New Year
Like the hedgehog and the bear changed the sky
How hedgehog coat changed
As a wife, husband sold
How to feed the bear
As wives, husbands prouchali
As Peter Pyatochkin elephants believed
Short stories
Chanterelle with skalochkoy
Bear and the one who lives in the river
About the mouse who wanted to become a strong
Disheveled sparrow
Tale of a white icicles
Sunny loaf
Three Panko
Flower of Fern
The Adventures of Captain Vrungel (13 episodes)
Treasure Island
Brer Rabbit and Brother Fox
Magic Glasses
The tree and the cat
My friends, where are you?
The story of a girl who came for bread
How happy I was searching for a Cossack
As the Cossacks played football
As the Cossacks gruel cooked
As cossacks bride rescued
As the Cossacks salt purchased
Stone Age
The Wizard, "Oh"
Where are you, my horse?
Boy and the Cloud
Desperate cat Vaska
Parasolka and car
Parasolka on the fashionable resort
Parasolka hunting
Parasolka fishing
Cockerel and the sun
Adventures Vakula
About the striped elephant
Sampo from Lapland
Legend of the campaign Igorev
Tale of the wonderful Dr.
Scary, gray, shaggy
Country "schitaliya"
Secrets of the country's strawberries
Tiger in a teapot
Hard-working old
The Man Who Could Fly
Pineapple, Bananas
In the blue sea, white foam
Gifted donkey
Tigers stripes
Look at that, Pancake
As the whale feeding bears
Who painted the Red Sea
Who's your friend?
Who will tell a fable
Pitcher with gold
Fox, who did not know how
Fox Book
The small farmer
Nahodchivyĭ farmer
But we're friends
Dog and Cat
Priest and the Goat
Three Tales
Death of a mouse
Wow! The Talking Fish
Nazar the Brave
Car for Leopold
Anansi. Wand
Anansi. Three Wishes
Lost and Found. 4.1 Series
Birthday of Leopold
The treasure of Leopold
Leopold the Cat in the dream and reality
Leopold and goldfish
Summer Leopold
Mother to baby mammoth
Revenge of the Leopold
Munchausen. Between the crocodile and the lion
Munchausen. Accurate Shot
Munchausen. Peacock
Munchausen. Wonderful Island
Elusive Fountik
Very Blue Beard
Fell last year's snow
Plasticine Crow
On the way to clouds
A gift for the elephant
Polyclinic Leopold
The Adventures of Dunno. 10 series
Walk Leopold
Once a cowboy, a cowboy two
The investigation lead balls. 2 series. 1983
The investigation lead balls. 4 series
TV Leopold
Tryamya! Hello
Pound of the circus
Fountik and old with a mustache
Fountik and detectives

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Before the publication of cartoons all applications are tested on various devices.

If any of the cartoons does not play on your device with the help of a regular video player (no sound or image), try to establish an alternative free application for video playback. For example, arcMedia or MX Player.
If the download takes a long time or does not start, check the Internet connection. We recommend that you use to download movies wi-fi-connection to the Internet.

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