Create stick-figure animations easily. Just put the figure in a pose, press the "Next Frame" button and repeat!

Features include:
* Simple interface
* Multi-touch and double-tap zooming and panning
* Adding several figures to a frame
* Modifying, deleting, duplicating and re-organising frames
* Making new figures with the Stretch, Copy, Add and Delete tools
* Saving and loading animations
* Exporting animated GIF files
* Importing animations made with Pivot Stickfigure Animator version 2
* Changing the colour of the background and individual figures
* Storing figures you want to use again
* Preset figures to help you get started: Stickman, Alphabet, Swords

Note: Instructions can be found at the bottom of the menu, by clicking the "How to use Stickdroid" button. Please read them first.

Note: To make new figures, please read the instructions under "Modifying a figure". The "Store the figure with a name" button in the menu lets you add figures to the "Add Figure" menu.

Try the demo first to see if you like it!

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