Sing with 4Karaoke on your Android device. Over 60,000 high quality karaoke songs, these are not typical karaoke songs, they are high quality reproductions recorded in MP3 format with CDG lyrics, known as MP3+G(TM), produced by manufacturers with reputation and experience in the industry, created for the karaoke singer. Manage your playlists of karaoke and purchase the songs you need. Enjoy singing anytime and anywhere with songs downloaded right to your device.

Search quickly and easily with Quick Search Lists, select Genre, Artists, Top 100, or New Releases. Or you can browse the entire catalog by searching keywords.

Affordable karaoke songs to enjoy on your device, purchased songs are licensed and provided with price discounts on higher volume packages.


We provide a series of karaoke with LEAD vocals that help you practice and sing-along called "Multiplex". Search under the Genre "Multiplex" to locate these listings.


▶ Manage Playlists
▶ Easy Account Management
▶ Google Play Billing
▶ Large selection of songs
▶ MP3+G High Quality sound
▶ Multiplex Vocals songs available
▶ New Releases every month
▶ Quick Search lists (Genre, Artist, Top 100, New Releases)

The App is FREE, therefore we ask that you review the program first before deciding on purchasing any credits toward songs. Review the catalog online at your leisure.


An internet connection is required to make a purchase and to download your songs. Songs already purchased can be downloaded again from the Claimed Song Summary list. Songs from the App can also be used on any MP3+G player on your PC or Mac, for information on using MP3+G songs on the computer please contact us.


Visit www.4karaoke.ca, open a support ticket through the app, open the online manual, or email us direct at: info@4karaoke.ca. Before purchasing anything, if you have any questions, concerns, or general inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us first. Please do not post questions in the remarks, ratings, or feedback as we have no access to your information and can not contact you back.


Karaoke songs are provided with licensing for personal use ONLY. All songs are provided from the respective manufacturer and distributed for download only. Performance/Permanent Download is covered under SOCAN, APRA, PRS, and HFA. 4Karaoke holds the right to refuse distribution if terms and conditions are not adhered to.

Refer to the terms, conditions, and policies for full details:


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