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The home of Wheeler in the Morning with Philly & Rena and WINNIPEG’S ROCK on 92.1 CITI. We are pure rock. Live, local and rebellious.

With the 92.1 CITI app, you can:
- Listen to a live stream of 92.1 CITI on any Android device, including phones & tablets
- Get the very latest music, pop-culture and entertainment updates from our newsfeed
- Instantly listen to a live stream of our partner radio stations, and view accompanying album art and artist information.
- Watch videos on-demand, including in-studio performances, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage as well as video from our partner brands.
- Listen to clips on-demand, including show highlights, podcasts and full-length interviews.
- Add songs, articles, videos and contests to your personalized favourites list.
- Get social by easily swiping through our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram feeds – without leaving the app.
- Connect with the on-air DJ via text, phone, Twitter or Facebook
- View and enter radio station contests
- Listen in “car mode” (do not use app while driving).
- Receive instant alerts for on-air programming announcements and special contests

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