Alonzo Fitz and Other Stories



This book is a collection of Twain short stories including:

01: The Loves Of Alonzo Fitz Clarence And Rosannah Ethelton
02: On The Decay Of The Art Of Lying
03: About Magnanimous-Incident Literature
04: Punch, Brothers, Punch
05: The Great Revolution In Pitcairn
06: The Canvasser's Tale
07: An Encounter With An Interviewer
08: Paris Notes
09: Legend Of Sagenfeld, In Germany
10: Speech On The Babies
11: Speech On The Weather
12: Concerning The American Language
13: Rogers

Below is excerpt from Alonzo Fitz Clarence story:

“Very well. Miss Rosannah Ethelton, let me introduce to you my favorite
nephew, Mr. Alonzo Fitz Clarence. There! You are both good people, and
I like you; so I am going to trust you together while I attend to a few
household affairs. Sit down, Rosannah; sit down, Alonzo. Good-by; I
sha’n't be gone long.”

Alonzo had been bowing and smiling all the while, and motioning imaginary
young ladies to sit down in imaginary chairs, but now he took a seat
himself, mentally saying, “Oh, this is luck! Let the winds blow now, and
the snow drive, and the heavens frown! Little I care!”