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Amazon Music makes it easy to stream or listen to your favorite music

  • Customizable song stations
  • Easy to find new songs
  • May freeze

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"A Straightforward Streaming Music Player"


Amazon Music (or Amazon MP3), available on Android and iOS, is a portable streaming music service available for Amazon shoppers and Prime subscribers. When you start up the app, you have the option to stream music from your Amazon account or from your local library. You can also start your very own personalized music station by choosing any music artist or genre or search through the Amazon Prime music catalog.


Amazon Music has the ability to customize your song station based on what you like. The app also makes it easy to find and browse new songs. You can also listen to music you upload on the Amazon website to listen on your device.


Unless you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you’ll only be able to listen to your music locally. Amazon Music may shut down when searching for or switching between songs. Songs you purchase on Amazon may or may not appear. There aren’t any social networking social options.

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Jul 10, 2015

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