Animals Sounds Ringtones Alarm




    Press and hold images to set animal or bird sound as ringtone, alarm or sms or email notification.

    24 best animal sounds and animal pictures:

    - Canary sound
    - Cat purr
    - Chimpanzee
    - Cougar roar animal sound
    - Cow lowing
    - Dog bark and wallpapers
    - Duck melody
    - Elephant animal music
    - Finch sound
    - Geese wild sound
    - Goat lowing
    - Horse wallpapers
    - Lamb animal sound
    - Mosquito sonic sound
    - Owl bird sound
    - Peacock sounds and photo
    - Pig yelp and pig picture
    - Pony
    - Rooster call
    - Seagulls scream
    - Sheep bleat
    - Tiger roar
    - Whippoorwill bird call song
    - Wolf howl

    Feature of tropical island birds song :

    ★ install to SD card
    ★ sounds of the rainforest animals
    ★ good quality sound of birds to sleep
    ★ rainfall sounds and nature wallpapers
    ★ best animals ringtones and alarms
    ★ water sounds (brook, river, creek, lake, waterfall, beach sounds)
    ★ birds soundboard ringtones and notifications
    ★ tinnitus mask
    ★ white noise sleep generator machine
    ★ rain fall relaxation music for therapy
    ★ yoga music for relaxation and meditation
    ★ best sleep machine
    ★ nature ringtones and rain alarms
    ★ meditation music
    ★ birds ringtone maker
    ★ bedtime music and bedtime sounds
    ★ nature sleep sounds
    ★ nature sounds: waterfall, creek, river, ocean sounds, sea sounds, birds songs
    ★ birds calls notification sounds
    ★ rain ringtones
    ★ animal sounds
    ★ forest sounds (birds songs, bird sounds, birds music, beach sounds)

    Animals sounds app is best way to teach about animals. People love to hear animals sounds, calls and voices. Even adults want to study some new animal songs. Show them picture of animal and play animal sounds.

    F.A.Q. :

    Q: How could I set sound as alarm in my phone?
    A: "Set as Alarm" command will not affect existing alarms, only the new ones you create.

    With Birds Sounds and Ringtones you will:

    ★ sleep like king (soothing music)
    ★ go to bed happy (white noise)
    ★ rest all day (lullaby)
    ★ slumber quickly (bedtime songs)
    ★ be asleep soundly (relax melody)

    Forest animals sounds is best application for relaxation, rest, and therapy. It will help you while doing yoga exercises, sport workout or singing lullaby.
    Our forest music app has 24 relaxing sounds of the animals, forest and flyers (fliers) that help you to sleep.

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    A video ringtone is a piece of video content used as a ringtone (typically on 3G phones). Any video may be used, but usually music video excerpts are used. The best examples of these use sound and video track that loops seamlessly. It is possible to use personalised video ringtones against contacts in the phone to provide video and audio Caller Identification.

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