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The main character of the anime Soreike! Anpanman (それいけ!アンパンマン Go! Anpanman), whose head is a bun made by Uncle Jam. His name comes from the fact that he is a man with a head made of bread (Japanese: pan, a loanword from the Portuguese word meaning "bread") that is filled with Red bean paste (Japanese: an) called an anpan. He doesn't need to eat or drink to sustain himself and has never been seen eating. It is believed the bean jam in his head gives him sustenance. His weakness is water or anything that makes his head dirty. He regains his health and strength when Jam Ojisan bakes him a new head and it is placed on his shoulders. Anpanman's damaged head, with Xs in his eyes, flies off his shoulders once a new baked head lands. He was created when a shooting star landed in Uncle Jam's oven while he was baking. He has two special attacks called: An-punch and An-kick (with stronger variations of both). When Anpanman comes across a starving creature or person, he lets the unfortunate creature or person eat part of his head. He also has super hearing in that he can respond to anyone that calls his name out in distress from anywhere in the world.
The series is written by Takashi Yanase, a Japanese writer of children's stories, and based on the Anpanman (アンパンマン?) picture-book series he began in 1973. It is produced by Nippon Television and Tokyo Movie Shinsha. Each animated cartoon is approximately 24 minutes long split into 2 episodes of approximately 12 minutes each. The show has been on the air in Japan since 1988 and is still continuing to this day.

Heavily merchandised, the Anpanman characters appear on virtually every imaginable children's product, from clothes to video games to toys to snack foods.

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