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    This FREE app lists out all the current Lite and Paid 'Monetize Your Music' apps that are present on Google Play. Within the app you will get links to all the app, information about Appytunes as well advance searches according to Genre, Album Artist, Album Name and Song Name.

    Appytunes Private Limited is mobile application solutions provider based in Bangalore, India with a business branch office in Hong Kong. Appytunes primarily offers cutting edge technology in the field of Music Applications. The various range of app options, helps the musician / label to market their content, connect with their fans, provide an insight into themselves and their music, monetize their music and personalize their apps so that it is in line with their vision. Both Music Companies and Musicians can create and Launch applications in easy steps through our website. The highly complex CMS helps keep the app data well managed and secure. The more advanced Superstar app provides API options to the client giving them a whole new world of possibilities on their apps. Appytunes Music Apps provide more than just "The Music". With social media integration, API integration, show listings and push notifications on our more advance apps, the end user is guaranteed to have the complete music album / artist experience all within a single app. Our clients include Universal Music and Mantric Music for which we are the app building partner.

    The aim of our company is to give a much-needed boost to the Music Industry and now Business Mobile App Solutions. We aim at giving Musicians and Companies a profitable solution in an emerging market. For the Music Industry we want it to become profitable again for Artists looking to make music and wanting to connect with their fans. We also aim to provide the best quality music apps in the industry yet being affordable and we also aim at giving the end users a complete experience of the artist and their music. For the Business Mobile App Solutions we aim to cater to our clients in the most efficient and effective manner providing a platform to access potential clients and to perform Brand Building.

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