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    **Now AudioPros able to save song name or file name by your choice**

    Love for music will not end at any time, Here another application “AudioPros “which will push music lovers to the next step. AudioPros application don’t want to restrict its circle within music learners, it wants to invade in all minds
    AudioPros app has 6 main features.
    1. Key Detection: Find the root note of a song, it made us easy not to play the whole song in order get its relevant scale. You don’t need instrument to find this! You will get tuning frequency of that song, AudioPros added bonus for instrumentalist.
    2. Tempo Detection: AudioPros allow you to find the exact tempo of the song, And you will be able to get number of click marks constituting one bar of a song. The length of a bar in clicks is constant even if the tempo slowly changes over time.
    3. Loudness Analysis: AudioPros loudness analysis task estimates the perceived loudness of an audio file according to the EBU recommendation R128. Knowing the loudness of an audio file allows you to adjust one file's overall volume to either a reference level or to the loudness of another file, thus avoiding jumps in the perceived playback level in music players.
    4. Elastique process: AudioPros change the tempo and the pitch.
    Elastique task allows you to modify three important parameters of an audio file:
    • Tempo
    • Pitch
    • Timber

    5. ElastiqueTune: AudioPros apply pitch-correction to a single-voiced signal. The ElastiqueTune task can apply pitch correction to single-voiced audio files such as vocals or a saxophone in addition to the parameters already available in the elastique task (tempo, pitch, and timbre).
    6. Reverb process: AudioPros add a reverberation effect to the audio input. Artificial reverberation is a widely-used audio effect and produces a sense of envelopment in the listener. Used correctly, AudioPros can generate the illusion of the audio being played in a different environment. In pop productions, one will usually want to add reverberation to individual tracks (like the vocals) while in classical productions it is not uncommon to add reverb to the complete mix.


    It is working on low upload bandwidth since its a free version

    *Channels: only 1 or 2 audio channels (mono or stereo)
    *Length: maximum audio length of 15 minutes
    *Size: maximum file size of 50mb

    As per the response from you. we like proceed to the next level.We welcome your feedback:,

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