Best Composer



With application Best Composer, you can create your own unique music samples by selecting from 103 sounds in categories:
• Dubstep,
• Guitars (acoustic and classic),
• Electric guitars (electric bass),
• Drums (closed hi-hat, crash, handclap, kick, open hi-hat, ride, snare, tom, claves),
• Saxophone,
• Fiddle,
• Funny Sounds,
• Your own sounds.

The left panel allows to choose the sounds for the given soundtrack and to hear them out. I tis possible to add your own sound files in „My sounds“ if they are no longer than 5 seconds (only wav, mp3 and ogg formats in 44100 sample rate and 1 channel are allowed). The upper panel allows to set the speed, save and load composition project and listen to your compositions. Use export button to make your own sound files based on composition project.

Make music and beats!

You can set the playback rate. (Save and load your own compositions in PRO version)
In case of any problems, errors or proposed changes, please contact:
Have fun with this sampler simulator!

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