Bluetooth Pairing through NFC



Android based application compatible with NFC supported phones can be used to pair mobile phone/ tablets with Bluetooth Speakers/ Headset at a single Tap.

Bluetooth Speaker can be converted to multi- channel speaker by inserting STMicroelectronics Dynamic RFID/ NFC Tag ( M24LRxx) .
Bluetooth Speaker information can be stored as Bluetooth Handover Message inside the memory of STMicroelectronics Dynamic RFID/NFC Tag .

Application provides the following features :

1) To Program ST Dynamic NFC/RFID Tag with Bluetooth Handover Message of Bluetooth Speaker/Headset.
2) To create multiple copies of one Tag at a single Tap without entering all details again and again.
3) To Pair the mobile phone with Bluetooth Speaker at a single Tap
4) To Unpair the phone with Bluetooth Speaker.

Application makes use of standard Bluetooth Handover Message (NDEF) Format as a standard provided by NFC Forum.