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Scroll all the way down to "More by Sandberg Sound" to get the new version. You can also click the "Visit webpage" link, below, to download the new version.

Alternatively, look for the new version in Google Play (it has the same icon).

*** This page will only download the older version. Screenshots shown below are for the new version. ***

Unlike the others, this app actually LISTENS to the music using the phone's on-board microphone. Simply start the app, and the BPM is updated once every seven seconds. The app works best with music that has a strong beat.

Switch the app into "nerd mode" to have a look under the hood. Watch as a spectrogram is generated in real-time (choose color or black & white). Below the spectrogram you will see the rate of energy change of the music. Peaks represent beats or other musically significant events. Once every seven seconds, the bottom of the screen displays a chart with the candidate beats per minute. The largest values are the most likely.

Note that the app also works on music without a strong beat, but you may have to snap your fingers or clap to the music to help it register energy transitions correctly.

For fun, try beatboxing while running the app!

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