CarlTune - Chromatic Tuner



It displays note, frequency, octave, and cents all together. Easy to know where the current tuning sound is in scale and and how it is far from the standard frequency.
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Features :
1. main view on center
- chromatic scale type
- various string tuning types
- frequency, octave, note displaying
- option popup by long touch screen
2. staff view on right-top
3. A4 setting
- 369.99Hz F#4 ~ 523.25Hz C5
- option popup by left-top touch
4. # / b symbols and note names option
5. tone generation
- frequency tone generation
- right-bottom touch
6. frequency difference from standard on the bottom
- toggling piano keyboard view
7. various colors
8. sensitivity options

★ In-App billing
1. remove ads

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