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Includes a new demo mode that connects to a running CasaTunes server located at our headquarters. You won't hear the audio, but you will see how great our control app is and how powerful our systems are. If you use this demo over the cell network, you may get sluggish behavior. When controlling a CasaTunes Music System that is installed in your own home, results are almost instantaneous.If you have any problems when running the Demo, please let us know at so we can improve it. Thanks!!

This app is for Phones and Tablets running Android 3.0 and later.

If you have our older, "CasaTunes Multi-Room Control" app on your device, uninstall it before proceeding. Also, please update your CasaTunes server to the latest version.

This app controls your CasaTunes Whole Home Music System ( This app is used to control your CasaTunes Music System or Streamer at your home.
The CasaTunes Music Systems and Streamers play iTunes®, Windows Media® music, and most of the popular Internet Radio services in any room where you have installed wireless or wired speakers connected to a CasaTunes system.

- Easy and intuitive!
- Uses Android® device's rocker volume control to control the selected room's volume.
- Controls every CasaTunes room and room groups.
- Music selection from Tidal®, Pandora®, SiriusXM®, Spotify®, MP3Tunes®, TuneIn®, SHOUTcast® and many other internet services, plus your Windows Media and iTunes music and music on any iPod®(s) or iPhone® connected to the CasaTunes Music.
- Search for music in your disk based music (iTunes, Windows Media, or iPods) or Internet Radio services, including using Voice Search.
- Set multiple wakeup schedules for each room.
- Set to turn off the room you are controlling after 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes (or immediately, of course).
- Create playlists using the queue of music you are currently listening to or from the currently playing radio station.
- Set maximum volume in each room to keep young ones from blasting you out of your home.
- Displays cover art and meta-data (song title, artist name, etc) for the room you are currently viewing/controlling.
- For iTunes and Windows Media music, allows you to pick which songs or albums to listen to or add to the currently playing queue.
- Power all rooms on or off at one time.

Please report any problems via email at or call us at 888-855-2272.

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