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Please note, we are no longer featuring Radio 3 and Sonica streams on our app. To listen to these stations, visit the CBC Music App, or tap on the Music graphic in our Listen Live page.

Engineered for Android OS 4.1 and higher.

Listen to your favourite CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio programs on all Android devices. The CBC Radio app includes an in-app search, which allows you to search for any CBC Radio One audio from 2013 to the present! Enjoy Radio One and Radio 2 live streams, as well as more than 80 of CBC Radio's most popular programs on demand. Listen to our featured stories, curated for you every day. Find audio by either browsing through 12 categories, including News, Health and Comedy, or by Show - or tap the Search icon to find a specific story or episode. Check out archived episodes and save your audio for later listening. Find the local frequency for your favourite CBC Radio broadcast channel, and see what's playing on any CBC Radio network.

If you like our app, please take a moment to rate us in the App Store. For bug reports or complaints, email radioapp@cbc.ca. We read and reply to every message.

* Search all app audio for episodes and segments from any of our shows from 2013 to present.

CBC Radio One:
* Offers a wide range of local, national and international news, current affairs, documentaries, arts and culture programming. (more than 80 on-demand programs and 33 live streams)

CBC Radio 2:
* The best in Canadian music, with 5 live streams inside Canada and 2 international streams.

* Listen to new audio stories curated for you every day.

* Browse audio from 12 different subject categories, such as News, Comedy and Health.

* Find audio from a particular CBC Radio show. Filter audio by full episode or segment.

Listen Live:
* Tune in to our talk network, Radio One, or our music network, Radio 2

My Radio
* Save an audio story for later listening. You can also save your favourite shows and live streams here for quick access any time.

* Schedules allow you to plan your CBC Radio One and Radio 2 listening. Find the AM/FM frequencies for CBC Radio stations across the country.

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