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Want to prank a friend? Here's an app that will surprise and delight!

  • Good for a laugh
  • Various effects
  • You can't share files via Whatsapp

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"Change your voice instantly!"


Can you imagine being able to change your voice in a matter of seconds? Don't worry, we're not talking about inhaling helium or anything like that. With Change My Voice you can make recordings and immediately modify them so that they sound completely different. The app is very straightforward, and is worth a go in order to raise a few smiles between you and your friends.


With Change My Voice you can modify your voice by altering the tone, or changing the speed. You can also give your voice a metallic edge, broaden it, add echo, and insert a chorus. You're voice will sound completely different and you'll have a great time messing around with your friends. If you one to make prank calls, this is for you.


Unfortunately, there's no way of sharing the resulting sound files via apps such as WhatsApp and other messaging services. You can only send the produced recordings via email and set them as a ringtone; nothing more.

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by Cecília

Jul 16, 2015

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