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    chords+ free is a chord finder supporting all tunings of the guitar, ukulele, and mandolin. Rather than simply spitting back a predefined set of fingerings, chords+ free dynamically calculates all possible fingerings of a given chord, then uses an algorithm to filter out the most playable fingerings and present them to the user in form of an easily scrollable list. chords+ free's mathematically rooted nature has the advantage not only of being able to support all possible tunings of a variety of instruments, but also of exposing a selection of fingerings of any given chord to help boost your repertoire and improve your compositions.

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    -get a reverse chord finder which matches chords you input on the virtual fretboard to their names
    -get a scales calculator which illustrates how to play a variety of scales.
    -get a key calculator / transposing aid which helps you tab, transpose, and compose songs.
    -support further development.
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