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Chords and scales for the guitar, ukulele, and mandolin. Much more than a mere chord dictionary, chords+ is a tool to help you discover new fingerings of familiar chords, an assistant capable of matching fingerings with their associated names, and a reference illustrating how to play major, minor, pentatonic, and blues scales. Whether you're a musician looking for the perfect fingering of a chord to complete your fingerstyle arrangement of a song for guitar or a novice looking for an app to help you master commonly used chords and scales on a new instrument, chords+ has something for you.

-Supports all possible tunings of the mandolin, ukulele, and guitar.
-Forward chord finder dynamically generates an easily scrollable list of the easiest fingerings for every chord.
-Reverse chord finder helps you put a name to fingerings you already know how to play
-Scale calculator shows how to play major, natural, harmonic, and melodic minor, major and minor pentatonic, blues, and more scales up and down the fretboard.
-Key calculator helps you compose, tab, and transpose songs by indicating which chords go along with a given key.
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