Chromatic Pitch Pipe (free)



Chromatic Pitch Pipe is a digital one octave chromatic pitch pipe. Perfect for use with acapella groups, as a digital tuner / pitch tuner or whenever a pitch reference is needed .

Could also be used as a tuner for Guitar, tuner for Bass, tuner for Violin, tuner for Viola, tuner for Cello etc. or as a reference pitch for any ensemble.


Free Version Features -

- Standard pitch pipe functionality
- automatic major and minor triad settings
- Ability to use pitch pipe with the ringer turned off.

Note: Free version allows you to try additional pro-version features but settings are reset to Default on exit.

Additional Pro version Features-

- Selectable Chromatic Wheel (C5 to C6 and F5 to F6)
- Selectable Voices (Piano and Reed Organ)
- Selectable Wheel color (Red, Black or Blue)
- Settable Note duration
- Hide Splash Screen

Compatible with Tablets and Phones

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