Clashers is a synchronized, location-based music app, which enables users to discover
what people around them are listening to, simultaneously with them. By using the
physical world to find digital media, “Clashers” allows users to enrich their world while
engaging with it.
How does it work? The app displays profile pictures of all users within 30 meters range.
A press on a profile picture opens a YouTube video, which plays the same song the
chosen user is listening to. The video starts playing at the exact same second the chosen
user was when the “clash” occurred, enabling a shared experience. Finally, the app
saves the details of the “clash” for future enjoyment.
Clashers does not consume a lot of battery like other location based apps. It samples
the GPS component only when the user opens the app, or when the users listen to
music on their phone. Plus, the samples’ frequency changes if there are no users nearby.
Clashers was developed by the Media Innovation Lab (miLAB) of the Sammy Ofer School
of Communication in IDC Herzeliya.

Students: Moran Maoz, Bar Tsouri, Ido Orlovski, Noy Brilon, Tal Cohen, Adi Caftori,
Masha Gorovitz, Moran Nurok and Dan Lior.

Technology Mentor: Eran Ilani

Design: Hamutzim Studio

Mentor: Noa Morag

Date: May, 2013

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