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Classical Music (686 track)
- Prenatal Music : The initial (1~3 month), Mid-term (4~7 month), The end (8~10 month), Increase the EQ, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Self-confident
- Baby (~5 years) : Think healthy, Calm, To sleep better, Infant Intelligence, Siesta, Children Play, Lullaby
- Children (6 years~) : Positive Thinking, Childlike, Tranquil, Emotion, Imagination, Brain Development, Piano, Self-control, Mischief, Relieve Stress, In the cartoon
- Learning at school : Elementary School, Middle School 1, Middle School 2, Middle School 3, High School
- Mood : Beautiful, Positive, Soothing, Alone, Daybreak, Overtime, Concentrate, Reading, Coffee to go with, Wine, Comfortable, Romantic, When I need you, In joy, Saddest, Powerful, Loud
- Mind control : Piano, Bach and Mozart, Clear up, Sleep inducing, Concentration 1, Concentration 2, To clear the brain, Passion and fury, Yoga, Comfortable rest, Refreshing rest, Be full of energy
- Pet : Morning, Play, Calm
- Favorite Music : Best 1, Best 2, Best 3, Best 4
- Nodame Cantabile : The First ~ The Eleventh, In Europe SP1 (2008), In Europe SP2 (2008)
- Chrismas : Chrismas Carol, Vocal Jazz, Chorus, Noel(Pop), Carols and Motets, Love Story
- World best 100 : Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

You can listen to classical music by means of downloading music from the server.
You can add or delete music you want to listen into bookmark list.
To prevent storage shortage, delete musics after listening to music.
If you download music, then you can listen to music without worry about communication cost.

There are 3 search method what music I listen to.
1. Tastes : main category and sub category
2. Composer and genre
3. Keyword search of title

Enjoy listening to more than 350 famous classical music including the world best 100.
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I will constantly strive to provide a good service. Thank you.

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