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    Clean Music is a simple, fast, and elegant folder-based audio player. You browse to the directory and tap the file; no mangled metadata, no scanning your collection, and no meaningless icons or placeholder album artwork.

    Simple doesn't mean basic, and feature-filled doesn't mean slow or difficult to use; Clean Music combines an easy-to-use UI with a small amount of powerful features and meaningful customization options.

    There's an in-app purchase to add a few extra features (playlists, scrobbling, and album artwork), but most users are satisfied with the free version.


    ☆ Take advantage of all the cool Android features: Gapless playback and notification controls on Android 4.1+, lockscreen controls and an equalizer on Android 4.0+, and integration with other apps on all Android versions.

    ☆ Specify exactly what you want to play by long-click selecting songs and folders. For example, loop a single song by long clicking it, clicking the play button, and turning repeat on. And/or shuffle all your music by long-clicking your music folder, tapping play, and shuffling.

    ☆ In a long song or audiobook, keep your place with Remember Position, and move around by tapping the numbers next to the seek bar.

    ☆ If order is important, and the file names are not already sorted, MetaSort them.

    ☆ Go to sleep to your music using the Sleep Timer.

    ☆ And search (even using Google Now's "listen to" command).

    ★ Save a selection of songs, or what you're listening to now, as a playlist.

    ★ Push what you're listening to (using ScrobbleDroid), and they can recommend new music.

    ★ And show off your album artwork.

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