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Cleartune - Chromatic Tuner's review


A tuning key and fretboard for refining your instrument's sounds.

  • Accurate
  • Visual interface
  • Advanced settings
  • The instruments have to hold the note long enough to be registered

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"Leave the analog tuners at home"


Cleartune is a chromatic tuner that allows you to refine your instrument quickly and accurately. Through the built-in microphone on your device, Cleartune can check the notes your instrument makes, and display it all on a useful and visual interface. Apart form offering a range of settings, there is also a tuning fork which lets you hear the perfect tone of a note. Really useful.


Cleartune is an essential app for novice musicians as well as pros. It's strongest point is its accuracy, however, there are also advanced settings for musicians with more experience; you can change the notation of the notes, the transposition, the calibration (A=440hz) or the musical temperament.

Its design is something we should shout about, as it has got a clean and functional interface, with a really intuitive musical circle which all musicians will be able to read.


As Cleartune uses the built-in microphone in your mobile, the instrument has to hold the note long enough for the mobile to register the sound. In any case, you can use the audio inputs designed for iOS or the fretboard.

To sum up, it's an accurate, thorough and functional app which can seamlessly replace an analog tuner. A must-have for any musician.

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Jun 19, 2015

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