Cloud Music



Cloud Music - The coolest App to enjoy your Music.

Here comes a Music Player which allows you to play music according to your will and gives you a simple and clean interface to play songs on your device.

Cloud Music gives you the option to choose the type of music from a plethora of categories
Starting with the AllSongs where you can get a list of all the songs on device.
Then comes the most exciting and intriguing category of Albums which list the songs in accordance to the album to which they belong.
Cloud Music gives you the option of listening to the songs of your favorite artist with all the songs of your favorite artist at your disposal.
Cloud Music has something to offer for your ever changing moods with the induction of the Genre category where you can listen to the music of the chosen genre depending on your mood for the day.

Cloud Music supports various audio formats like mp4,wav,ogg and many more and is the best music player launched till date.
Do download and satisfy your taste for music.

Special Thanks to Mr.Anand Marwaha for his valuable suggestions and contribution during the development
of this Application.

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