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STOP MUSIC / TASK / WIFI / BLUETOOTH TIMER, the ultimate app to control music with timer.
Use before you fall asleep while listening to music!
Playing music and video will sleep at the scheduled time with simple UI.
* Support every music player in play store!
* At the scheduled time, STOP MUSIC TIMER will stop or pause the music.
* Simple widget to help you easily use this app.
* You will love this simple and beautiful UI.
* You can cancel if you press cancel button after starting timer.
* DO NOT worry about consuming battery. It's like the same alarm in android system.
* Timer will run at background if you exit this application.
* MUSIC/WIFI/BLUETOOTH is working independently, so you can turn off each thing or everything.
* No vibrate work in silent mode & vibrate once in vibrate mode
[Timer mode]
1. SET DURATION : Set duration like from 10 mins to 120 mins.
2. SET TIME: : Set a timer with specific time when you would like to stop.

Please let me know if music does not stop with specific player.
We will fix every bug ASAP!

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