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    Daft Punk album Random Access Memories is now among us! Check it out for free with the ultimate Daft Punk Fan app. Enjoy this summertime trunk banger. If you like it, be one of the first to pick it up!

    Most anticipated album of 2013,the Daft Punk songs of Random Access Memories yields rave reviews.And fans simply can't get enough of the duo as they usher in a "back-in-the-day" banger by going Disco. Daft Punk takes the "4 on the floor" beat pattern to a whole newer level. You can appreciate the full sound scape that has been put into the album with a variety of instruments, influences and even musical journeys.

    This Daft Punk fan app compliments the new album as it is made for and by Daft Punk fans. If you don't have them, then you will have to GET some boogie shoes or even roller skates (4-wheels please) and beat up the park, beach, neighborhood or even house party. Why not! Go to the local roller rink in 2013. The music is meant to hip shaking for sure.

    With Daft Punk Album - Random Access Memories app, you will FEEL their evolution. Easy listening to all songs, but we recommend kicking back with some headphones to get the real impact.

    Keep in mind that these guys thrive on innovating, so expect something a little different. So what are you waiting for? Make your own judgements, and enjoy. It's free!

    Daft Punk Album - R.A.M. is the ultimate fan app for all of Daft Punks work. From their inception, to their helmets, to today's groove dynamic they've created. Daft Punk's contribution to the music industry has been paramount and excitingly, fans can take part too through this app's various multimedia's and surprise music bonuses.

    This application is ad supported so do not be afraid. If you have any issues with the link to access the songs in the app, it is also here:

    This app can be can be enjoyed even with out accessing the link so what are you waiting for. Download Daft Punk album app now!

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