Debussy MusicBox



    Thank you for your interesting in "Debussy MusicBox".
    Please enjoy his masterpieces of music.

    In this major version up, You can set All Songs to the RingTones.
    * For Each Contacts (thus, you'll get security alarm - when install)
    * Default RingTone
    * Default Notification
    * Default Alarm

    You can choose from three cute sound instruments.
    * Music Box
    * Harp
    * Celesta
    (The default setting is "Celesta")

    All 13 songs
    01.Clair de lune (Suite Bergamasque)
    02.Pagodes (Estampes)
    04.Arabesques No.1
    05.Arabesques No.2
    06.Reflets dans l'eau (Images 1)
    07.La fille aux cheveux de lin (Préludes 1)
    08.Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum (Children's corner)
    09.Serenade for the doll (Children's corner)
    10.The snow is dancing (Children's corner)
    11.The little shepherd (Children's corner)
    12.Golliwog's cakewalk (Children's corner)
    13.The Little Black Boy (Cakewalk)

    * Apps can be moved to the external storage.(for Os ver.2.2 or above)

    On the first screen, please select the first song to play.
    Initially, 11 songs will play continuously in order from the selected track.
    "Random Start" will play all 11 songs in random order.

    You can choose "Auto Start" setting at the configuration screen. It behave completely same as "random start".
    (In this setting, automatically start playing after the launch of the application)
    In addition, you can choose "Random instrument" at the configuration screen. Then the instruments will be set to individual songs randomly.
    (sometimes followed by the same instrument).

    If it is possible, please connect to the speakers and listen great music.

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