Delfonic Love



Synth Punk-New Wave
Billy Ramirez-Drums
Roger Rosales-Vocals
Steven Flores-Guitar
Pancho Lowx - Bass
Joel Perales-Keys/guitar
Los Angeles CA
Record Label
5 Piece rock band with punk roots & sound shaping melodies
Delfonic Love is seven years in the making, coming from humble beginnings as teens out of Los Angeles, Delfonic Love has grown into molded disciplined musicians with a fine understanding of how to create music as independent artists.

Delfonic Love developed from past bands: Billy, Joel,& Roger, have come together to create a unique sound and format that provides them the ability to demonstrate their individual strengths and bond them together to create a singular tune. Inspired and influenced by all genres, as musicians and song writers, Delfonic Love takes cues from mid to late 1970 Punk and New Wave bands like Kraft Werk, Devo, Joy Division, New Order, The Clash and many more.

Current Location
Whittier, CA
General Manager
Frank Gutierrez
Booking Agent
Press Contact
Artists We Also Like
Los Hollywood, Normandie Blue, 4 Ways to Kil a Robot, Interpol,
Devo, Joy Division, New Order, Punk Rock, pancho loks and sap!
Band Interests
Touring, Drinking, Making Music and Love!
Likes and Interests
Normandie Blue, Ovation Guitars, Mister Loveless, EaZy BakeD

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