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    - 1, 2, 3, Goodbye
    - After Shock
    - All Night Long
    - Appreciate
    - Back Around
    - Behind Enemy Lines
    - Believe In Me
    - Brand New Day
    - Can't Back Down
    - Catch Me
    - Come Down With Love
    - Daydream
    - Different Summers
    - Don't Forget
    - Don't Lie
    - Every Time You Lie
    - Everyone Knows
    - Everything You're Not
    - Eyelash
    - Falling Over Me
    - Fix A Heart
    - For The Love Of A Daughter
    - Forget
    - Get Back
    - Get Over It
    - Gift Of A Friend
    - Give Your Heart A Break
    - Gonna Get Caught
    - Got Dynamite
    - Got My Girls
    - Hangin'
    - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
    - Here We Go Again
    - Hillbilly Love
    - Hold Up
    - How To Love
    - I Wouldn't Change A Thing
    - In Real Life
    - It's Not Too Late
    - It's On
    - Kiss Me
    - Kiss This
    - La La Land
    - Lightweight
    - Lo Que Soy
    - Make A Wave
    - Me, Myself, And Time
    - Middle
    - Mirror
    - Mistake
    - Moves Me
    - My Love Is Like a Star
    - Next To Me
    - Not Yet
    - On The Line
    - One And The Same
    - Open
    - Our Time Is Here
    - Party
    - Quiet
    - Rascacielo
    - Remember December
    - Ride
    - Send It On
    - Shadow
    - Shut Up And Love Me
    - Skyscraper
    - Smile
    - So Far So Great
    - Solo
    - Stop The World
    - Stronger
    - Sure Feels Like Love
    - That's How You Know
    - The Christmas Song
    - This Is Me
    - This Is Our Song
    - Together
    - Trainwreck
    - Trash
    - Two Worlds Collide
    - U Got Nothin' On Me
    - Unbroken
    - Until You're Mine
    - We Rock
    - What To Do
    - What We Came Here For
    - Who's That Boy
    - Wonderful Christmas Time
    - Work Of Art
    - World Of Chances
    - Wrong
    - Yes I Am

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