Digital Performer - MIDI

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    Wow! Composer Alexander Adhami shows you the powerful MIDI capabilities of MOTU's DP8 (hint: it's absolutely awesome!!)...
    Is it really possible to bring something fresh to MIDI technology? Well...yes, it is, and MOTU does just that in this completely new, 8th generation, 64 bit version of Digital Performer!

    Digital Performer has always been very tight with MIDI. It has always had incredible amount of flexibility and control when tweaking performance data. Well, in this new version, it gets even tighter! With DP 8 expert Alexander Adhami as your guide you'll learn all there is to know about recording & editing MIDI in DP 8. You'll see how easy it is to quantize, change velocities, create colorful and complex arpeggios, filter out continuous controllers, and much, much more. You'll also learn all about DP8's robust MIDI sequence editor and how to input a full drum part in the powerful Drum Editor. Learn about the cool DeFlam feature, to help you clean up those "flim-flammy" performances.

    So whether you're on a Mac or a PC, new to DP8, or simply want to see what DP is all about, this course will take you there! Be sure to watch all of the Digital Performer courses our always expanding MOTU/DP library!

    Table of contents:

    1. Creating a MIDI Track
    2. MIDI Events
    3. Creating a Virtual Instrument
    4. MIDI Loop Recording & Overdubbing
    5. Editing Synths in the Sequence Editor
    6. Editing Drums in the Drum Editor
    7. MIDI Editing using Smart Selection
    8. Quantizing in the QuickScribe Editor
    9. Device Groups
    10. MIDI Plugins Arpeggiator
    11. Changing Velocity
    12. Changing Duration
    13. Continuous Data
    14. The DeFlam Feature
    15. Using ReWire
    16. Transposing MIDI
    17. View Filters
    18. Conductor Track Tempo Tricks
    19. More Conductor Track Tricks
    20. Turning MIDI into an Audio File

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