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Become a real DJ with DJ Studio 5, an professional and free app for aspiring club pros

  • Easy to use
  • Fast and clear navigation
  • Totally free
  • Nothing to see here. What do you think?

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"A turntable and mixing desk on your mobile"


This is an app for real DJ aficionados. The app is DJ Studio 5, an easy-to-use tool that's completely free, with which you can produce all the mixes you want and delight your friends with exclusive sound sessions at zero cost. Start working with any type of music you want, without any limits to what you can do.


The app is pretty simple: it's your standard turntable displayed on-screen with which you can mix any type of music and sound effects, doing so within the app itself for free. The major plus point of this app is that it won't cost you a cent, nor does it have advanced features that you need to pay for. All the mixing tools are within your reach and available for free. The only thing you'll need to do is to have access to the tracks and songs you want to mix in your session. Working the disks is easy and very responsive. Navigation between files is fast and practical.


Try as we might, we couldn't find any faults in this app; it's straightforward, practical, functional, without obvious failings, and without annoying in-app purchases.

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by Cecília

Jul 08, 2015

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