Now this app can function as it supposed to (we where able to finally add the Sony monochrome low power modes). The watch now really looks like the normal Sony watch, with the addition of full media control ;-)

DMediaControl is an application to swipe and control your media with a SmartWatch in a discrete way. Your SmartWatch appears to be turned off (or if you choose chowing the time), but with a swipe across the screen you can control your media.
This application is not intended to display any album art or any other media information on your SmartWatch. As the title suggest it is a discrete way of controlling the media on your phone with a SmartWatch. Because there is no valuable battery life wasted on graphics, notifications, or any other battery consuming tasks, you can leave the application on for a long time and just swipe across the screen of your SmartWatch for media control.

The application uses the headset media controls to communicate with the media player on your phone.

On start up this application displays one graphic on the SmartWatch to show the orientation and the swipe directions. When touched the graphic disappears and you are ready to control your media.

Added SmartWatch 2 type time viewer (also compatible with SmartWatch 1). Now your SmartWatch also looks like a watch while you control your media with DMediaControl.

orientation control. User your device in 0 or 90 degree mode
Play/Pause: tap on screen
Increase volume: swipe up
Decrease volume: swipe down
Next: swipe left
Previous: swipe right
monochrome low power modes
show time

***** attention *********
DMediaControl is designed for use in combination with a Sony SmartWatch (see screenshots)
You need a Sony SmartWatch (1 or 2 ) device to use this app.
***** attention *********

LiveWare™ extension for SmartWatch
Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2

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