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    Electronic music with hardcore breakbeat that will send you beating to a whole new plane of rhythm.

    “This is my kind of music! Finally, music that I could listen to for the whole day and still want more. There should be more of this!” – Matt H.

    Tired of hearing the same kind of music? Want something totally different? Want something more sophisticated and alive?

    Roots on rave music
    Drum and bass or more commonly referred to as DnB or D&B slowly emerged in the music scene in the late 1990’s when Rave music was slowly declining and was being replaced by music with faster tempo, such as Jungle Tempo and Techstep.

    Originating from the UK party scene, the earlier electro and high-tempo music was greatly influenced by Jamaican music, including its veer towards violent and dark themes.

    Drum and bass music online plays the high-tempo and breakbeat music that broke away from the Jamaican influence to form a more technically polished drum and bass music.

    Jazz influence
    Drum and bass was also influenced by jazz which provided a lighter style to the music. Bass and drum was and remains highly electronic and even industrial, made possible by the simple use of acoustic instruments.

    DnB music has many sounds or varieties, depending on the musical/cultural influence on the music and the artists. Drum and bass online plays a wide range of DnB music to satisfy everyone’s preference.

    If you’re looking for music that is not ordinary or music that is not played in all radio stations or clubs, then drum and bass online is the place to get your music. The fast tempo and heavy use of, ofcourse, drum and bass, will keep your heart thumping. The use of electronic sound that is highly polished and precise, make drum and bass music very sophisticated.

    DnB music still has lyrics though most do away with it. But DnB music that do have lyrics are more fluid, breaking away from the hiphop and reggae influence.

    Music fusion
    Drum and bass music was influenced by a lot of music genres such as Reggae, Rock and Roll and Jazz, by artists such as Bob Marley, Bill Laswell, James Brow, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, Miles Davis, BB King and so on.

    Music lovers and those new to DnB will notice and feel the deep sub-bass in the music. Drum and bass’ tempo is highly different from other musical genres. For one thing, DnB tempo is much faster breakbeats with 160-180 bpm or beats per minute.

    Drum and bass online gives you non-stop DnB music, the next best thing to live drum and bass performances. Watch out for performances by Imprintz And Xilent and Kloe, High Contrast, Teebee and Chris Hathaway Pyro.

    Download Drum and Bass Online for a thrilling new experience.

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