Drums - Learn To Play Tutorial



Learn To Play Drums is a 152 video lesson course of tutorials and technique tips and tricks.

The first 34 lessons are included and the remainder can easily be added later.

Young Gospel Drummer (8 Years Old)
Hear and Play Drums 103: CLip #1
Hear and Play Drums 102: Clip #6
Drummer "Lace" Florence
Female Drummer (Girls Can Play Drums Too!!)
Drummer Girl Pt.2
gospel Drummer Akeem Wells Bored at Church
Heaven Help Us All - Ray Charles & Gladys Knight - Drum Cover (2007)
lord you are good
My Church Drummer
Spiros Kabasakalis
JBass on Drums
Calvin on Drums AFC
JBass On Drums
Calvin At AFC
Isaiah Playing "Let's get it Started"
Learn To Play Drums - Drum Lessons
Improvised Drum Solo
Isaiah Playing "Bartender"
Drum Lesson: Funky Ride Cymbal Pattern
Drum Groove James Brown Give it Up or Turn it Loose Improv
Diggin' on James Brown - Tower of Power - Drum Cover (2007)
I Got You (I Feel Good) :: Funk Drumming
Very Funky Drum Groove
funk bass drum groove
Funk Drum Beats - Drum Lessons
Funky Drum Solo
Funk Drumming
Fran Merante - Linear Funk Drumming Lesson
How to Play Drums : Basic Funk Patterns & Drum Playing Styles
How to Play Drums : Using Basic Drum Fills
If I'd Been The One .38 Special drum cover Rich Martin
Wind Him Up by the band Saga drum cover by Rich Martin
Flood by Jars Of Clay drum cover by Rich Martin
Rush Tom Sawyer drum cover drummer Rich Martin
All The Small Things drum cover Blink-182 Rich Martin
Throw Some D's On It- Andre 3000 (Improvisational Mix)
The Good Life - (Stick trick Drum solo)
drum tricks
Hip Hop drum beat- myspace.com/peterkaufmann
Joel Warming up at church
Playin drums at church
A Millie - Lil Wayne Drum Solo {Ray Vick}
Walk It Out drum cover (redo)
Crank Dat - Soulja Boy - Travis Barker Remix - Drum Cover
travis barker soulja boy remix cover
Umbrella {Eli Hudson remix}
FTC Drummers Praise Song 1
GMWA 06 Shed
Timeka Shaunail Gospel Drum Beats
tired but shedding at church!!!
Shajuan gets dowwwwwwwwwwwn!
OSP Digital Electronic Drum Set Kit DD502
Drums & Percussion : How Electric Drums Work
Just jammin a little bit of Drums for a sec!!!
Drum Solo on electronic drums
Norther - Youth Gone Wild (Skid Row cover) (Drum cover)
Beverly Crawford He's Done Enough Stellars 2008
Beverly Crawford - He's Done Enough / "Live from Los Angeles" CD & DVD - JDI Records
As I am (dream theater) drum fill cooooooool
Pray for me Organ Solo/Pastor Anniversary 2009
Funky Drummer
The Griffin Family Grand Children
Gospel drum lick group of 7
Gospel Lick Explained Slow Nice
Gospel Chops! nice drum fill to help you out! By Justyn Amechi
clay terry on drums
He's Able: Jacksonville EPC
Drummer Girl Pt.5 "Im Free"
Drummer Girl Pt.3
drums jazz funk groove
Gospel Chops nice drum fill to help you out by Justyn PART 2
Waka Flocka Flame - No Hands Feat. Roscoe Dash & Wale
Want to Play The Drums by Ear?
Zildjian320 - Soulja Boy - Crank That - Drum Cover
groove thang
How to back up a "Preacher" on Drums
I love my music
Michael Gondry drumming at home
Grandma Drummania
Double bass drumming lessons - instructional video
Death Metal Office Drumming
drum video death metal
Death Metal/Grindcore Drums HEDRAUT
Drumming Lesson drum Fills
DRUM LESSON "Intermediate drum fills"
Tom-Tom Beats - Drum Lessons
Hear and Play Drums 103: Clip #7
Hear and Play Drums 103: clip#6
Hear and Play Drums 103: Clip#3
Hear and Play Drums 103: Clip #4
Hear and Play Drums 103: Clip#2
Rodney Holmes
Derek Roddy - Heel-Toe/Hi-Hat Exercise
Ideas For Simple Groove and Simple fill-ins
Short Drum Groove
Developing Blast Beats Part 1
The Swedish Gravity Blast
thomas lang blastbeat
Thomas Lang chair solo!
DRUM LESSONS Paradiddle-diddle around the kit
Blast beats
Blastbeats "Halls"
Suffocation cover "souls to deny"
Dimmu Borgir - Heavenly Perverse drums
Drum Fill Lesson 2
Drum Lesson 8a: Linear Beat #1

and many many more

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