"EasyPlaylist" is a very easy to use Music-App, that finds out all the songs on your phone/tab and you can stream and download Soundcloud songs and sounds in MP3 and other formats from http://songrazor.com and add them to your playlists! This App makes it easier then before to enjoy your & Soundcloud music!

With this app you can listen your music and make playlists for your favorite music player as well as stream and download Soundcloud songs (Option-Menu "Songs on Songrazor.com") and add them to your playlists!

Easy Playlist is very easy to use:
- Simply tip on the song you like and it will start playing, then the next one and so on.
- To pause tip on the same song (blue highlighted) one more time.
- In order to stop playing just do long press on the song list. That is it!

"About" - shows Programm-Info.
"Show playlist" - go to Playlist-Screen.
"Download Songs!" - Download and stream Soundcloud songs and sounds.
"Shuffle Playlist" - makes new random playlist and starts playing.
"Reload Playlist" - looks up for all music on your phone/pad and makes a main playlist
"Help" - shows the Help-Dialog.
Listen your music the easy way!

The GRAVITY-Feature is added! Just rotate your phone 90° to start playing. While playing 90° rotation clockwise will PLAY NEXT song and a counterclockwise rotation will PLAY PREVIOUS song. To PAUSE simple rotate your phone 90° backward towards you. And last but not least - if you shake your phone it will shuffle & play your playlist! That is it!

Icon credits Ben Fleming, http://mediadesign.deviantart.com/

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