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    A great sheet music notation app for music composer to write great composition. With it you can be a talented composer anywhere. As long as you have a little knowledge of sheetmusic, you can create wonderful music simply by touching. With Ensemble Composer on your phone or tablet, you can easily record your flashes of inspiration wherever they strike.

    -Import/Export in the industry-popular MusicXML file format, allowing for exchanging sheet music with other software (Finale, etc).

    -Support for up to 15 instruments played simultaneously, providing capability for orchestral scoring.

    -Uses midi for sound, allowing it to support over 100 kinds of musical instruments with a small app size.

    -Export midi files or set your compositions as ringtones.

    -Supports saving scores for future re-edit.

    -Multiple levels of undo to make editing smoother.

    -Switch between two view modes for easy editing and viewing.

    -Share the sheetmusic or audio you create via email or export to printable A4-paper-sized JPG image file format.


    !!!Additional features in pro version:
    ~Export to image file with no watermark.

    ~Adjustable scale factor for both views.

    ~Ability to add/delete/reorder staffs.

    ~Support for changing instrument and/or key for individual staffs.

    ~Support for muting individual staffs.

    ~Pro version has no ads.

    ~Supports moving to SD card.

    ~More time signatures(1/4, 5/4, 7/8, 9/8, 11/8, 12/8).


    Supported notation:
    *A variety of note types, from whole notes to 32nd notes and dotted notes

    *A variety of time signatures

    *All standard key signatures

    *Pickup measure

    *Adjustable tempo

    *Multi-note chords and up to two independent voices per staff

    *Repeat marks

    *All accidentals (sharps, flats, double sharps, double flats, and naturals)

    *Ties, slurs, and tuplets

    *Many types of ornaments

    *A wide range of dynamics, including hairpins

    Thanks very much for reporting bugs to us!
    If you have any thoughts about this app, do not hesitate to email us. We'll keep improving it

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    Andrea Cruz

    by Andrea Cruz

    Jun 21, 2017  |  "Great"

    Great app, but production of sound is not consistent. Sometimes the app plays back what you insert and other times it doesn't, I have to keep restarting the app to listen to what I just put down. PLEASE FIX. otherwise great app

    Cody Styber

    by Cody Styber

    Jun 17, 2017  |  "Great"

    I love the app but i wish it had a drumset, if thats added ill change to 5 stars

    Blobby McBlobberson

    by Blobby McBlobberson

    Jun 14, 2017  |  "Great"

    Actually nice to use but was hard to use at first

    Joshua Garcia

    by Joshua Garcia

    Jun 06, 2017  |  "Good"

    This is an okay app. There are a number of things, that if changed/added, would make this app SOO much better..........Firstly, the way each instrument sounds is just not way they're supposed to sound like, so if they can be changed to a much more instrument like sounds, that would be great. Secondly, I have gone through a few phones that have had this app containing pieces of hard, time-consuming work. It would be great to be able to like back my work up on Google or something just so users don't have to redo compositions. Thirdly, I know for a fact that there are Percussion instruments missing that are needed and even some more wind instruments would be nice. Next, not all songs keep to the same time/key signature or tempo. I think the ability to change either one of those within the song and change it back if needed is very important and needs to be added. Lastly, things need to be changed and added to edit mode. First thing is articulations. There are articulations that aren't included that should be. Last and most important thing that needs to be modified is the dynamics. They NEED to be more dramatic and noticeable. The crescendos and decrescendos are weird. Once they're encountered in the music, they don't start at the original volume. They with either add or lower the volume depending on wether it's a decrescendo or a crescendo like as if it's a sforzando (if you listen to it, you'll know what I'm talking about). That HAS to be fixed. By the way, sforzandos should be added. And one that would be INCREDIBLY helpful is like a score-wide crescendo or decrescendo or even just a dynamic change just so if there's a specific time within the music where all instruments have to crescendo or decrescendo or change dynamic, users don't have to go through every single instrument staff just to add that at the same spot numerous times. I hope y'all find this helpful and agreeable with and I hope maybe some of my suggestions get inputted somehow, in your own way, into this app, instead of just putting them aside, and I apologize for making my review so long and making y'all guys read this. Again, I hope y'all are open towards my suggestions and thank you for allowing people like me try out the world of composing music and doing so electronically (easy/better way) and not having to write it out (hard way).

    Rahmane Edah

    by Rahmane Edah

    Jun 05, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Very good! It would be excellent if we were able to print it.

    CrystallicCoder / Kyle

    by CrystallicCoder / Kyle

    Jun 03, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    I love it. Makes me want the pro version.