Euphony Music Player Unlocker



This is the Unlocker application for Euphony Music Player application. Please make sure to install latest Euphony Music Player Trial version application. The Unlocker application removes 21 days limitations of the Trial version.

Supported Audio Formats

Audio Effects
-All audio effects are supported on all Android(2.1 & above) devices.
-Car Mode DSP support for users, who listen to their music in cars,
>>with DRC, to elevate those hard to hear sounds in tarmac noise
>>Left-Right Channel Balance, Delay
-9 band Graphic Equalizer
>>10 default presets(Flat, Jazz, Pop, Classical, Rock, Dance, Party, Live, Reggae, Techno)
>>Unlimited user defined presets
>>True spectral response.
-Bass Boost and Treble
-Reverberation effects such as auditorium, lecture hall, concert hall, dance hall, class room
-Stereo widening or Spatializer.
-Cross fading for smooth audio transitions.
-Gapless playback with silence trimmer (Rear and Front) for uninterrupted playback
-Real time Spectrum Analyzer with bands spaced at 1/2.4 octaves

Skin/Theme apps
-Cherry Red-
-Comact theme-

Foreign Language apps

-Browse and play songs by Artist, Album, Genre, Title, Rating & Folder
-Quick Playlists, Recently Added & Recently Played
-Advance Now playing
>>play order change,by pressing the album Art and moving UP or DOWN
>>en-queue track
>>Save modified as custom playlist
-Unlimited Custom Favorite playlists.
-Quick addition of track, entire album/artist/folder in favorite list.
-Single click to add currently playing track in favorite list.
-Import your custom playlist from default music player

Audio Bookmarks
-Unlimited audio bookmarks per music track with select & remove bookmarks allow excellent listening options on long tracks.

Playback Modes
-Shuffle, Repeat One, Repeat playlist, Normal

-Next/Previous Track & Folder
-Hold Next/Previous Track to seek at various seek speed like 2x, 4x, 6x & 8x.
-Continuous playback across Album/Artist/Genre/Folder

Resume playback
Auto start playback
Play Song directly from file browser
Album art image fading effect upon track transition
Downloadable album art from Internet, Gallery
Downloadable lyrics

EMP provides own media scanner to update track list for newly added or removed tracks on multiple storage devices
Search tracks by Artist, Album, with an intelligent search algorithm
Sleep Timer feature to turn off player after timeout period
4x1 widget with play/pause and album art
4x2 widget with navigation controls
Lock Screen with navigation and large time and album art display
Swipe gestures
Bluetooth Headset controllable and headset support

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